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Serving in the field of healthcare facility design over the last 4 decades; opened so many doors for us to experience the needs of different societies around the world. Especially small neighborhoods who are geographically and economically isolated and at a very high risk of social exclusion. Being so eager to serve and give something positive back, we have established our foundation in 2007, through which, we have directed our full academic knowledge and long experience in healthcare facility design toward developing sustainable solutions that can achieve better accessibility to healthcare services and green neighborhoods.

Our work come in cooperation with those highly committed to “the art of giving” and who are taking other nations´ needs into high consideration. Together we highlight these needs, we evaluate the situation, and we draw an action plan that can bring hope and relief.

We believe in big achievements through supporting evidence-based solutions. Therefore, our foundation is providing funding awards for unique research proposals and outstanding student works that reflect its mission and goal. Being inspired by our successful research-based initiative “The Healthbox”, we are looking forward to receiving your ideas and research proposals.

For more information about application process, please contact our research and education partner  ENAH (European Network for Architecture for Health):

European Network for Architecture for Health (ENAH)

ENAH is committed to enhance the sustainability of healthcare systems by integrating knowledge from urban planning, architecture, health sciences, medical technologies, public health, health economics and other relevant disciplines.

ENAH acts as a non-profit organization interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary

ENAH combines Europe-wide expertise in the field of design & health

ENAH works in the three formats Exchange! Advance! Develop!

More information on www.enah.eu or contact mail@enah.eu



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