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Nickl & Partner
Nickl & Partner Architekten celebrate Regensburg’s building culture

Last Saturday the “Initiative Baukulture” (Building Culture Initiative) invited the people of Regensburg to the site of the former Nibelungen barracks for tours, lectures, workshops and exhibits to raise citizens’ awareness of the region’s building culture. This was a unique opportunity because the Regensburg TechCampus is currently under construction there, so the site is normally closed to the public.

Representatives of Nickl & Partner Architekten AG guided visitors around the Regensburg Innovation Centre (IZR) building site so they could see for themselves how the work was progressing. An exhibit made planning of the new city district and the IZR comprehensible.

Two sections of the Regensburg Innovation Centre are being built simultaneously to promote closer cooperation between science and business through proximity to the university and scientific activities on the TechCampus.

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