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Nickl & Partner
Hieronimus Nickl lecture at [email protected], Zenith Cultural Centre, Munich

[email protected] took place for the first time in Munich from 7–8 October 2015.

The event distinguished itself from others thanks to its unique concept, the special presentation of innovations, its exclusive lounge atmosphere and the qualified visitors.

The event also offered space for conversation and exchange of ideas, such as the “[email protected] Lectures by Stylepark”, which were jointly organised with [email protected] in Munich. The focus was on wood as a sustainable building material. The special ”Voll.HOLZ” exhibition, with over 150 exhibits, also highlighted the same issue.

Nickl & Partner Architekten AG was represented with a lecture by Hieronimus Nickl:

“How can architecture contribute to healing?” What factors make the hospital a liveable, health-oriented place, free of fear and stress? Designs for the new Munich University children’s clinic, the Vienna Kaiser Franz-Josef Hospital in Vienna and the Frankfurt University clinic were used to clarify these issues.

Learn more about this event at Stylepark

Hieronimus Nickl lecture
Hieronimus Nickl lecture

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