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Ways of Healing – Nickl & Partner in Bauwelt 24.2021

In the latest issue of the Bauwelt architecture magazine, the architectural focus is on the hospital as a place of healing.

Bauwelt provides a broad, comprehensive insight into the clear architectural language of impressive healthcare buildings and highlights different architectural approaches to supporting medical work and ensuring the comfort of patients at all times. In addition to an exciting look at paediatric intensive care in Uganda and a comparison of two new hospitals in Karlsruhe, Bauwelt presents a new building by Nickl & Partner on the campus of the Trauma Hospital Berlin, while another article is devoted to the new hospital in Voiron, France, constructed by Nickl & Partner.

The two exciting articles can now be read in the latest issue of Bauwelt (in German).

Nickl & Partner Architekten AG / Christine Nickl-Weller, Hans Nickl, Gerhard Eckl

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