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Hospital Architecture

Prof. Christine Nickl-Weller | Prof. Hans Nickl (Eds.)

The hospital construction of the past concentrated, first and foremost, on medical functionality. Only limited value tended to be ascribed to the design quality of buildings and rooms. Meanwhile, it has become indisputable that, besides the smooth flow of medical procedures, such factors are decisive in healing and recovery. Doctors, architects and clients have recognized this for hospital construction of the future and aligned themselves accordingly. In this publication the editors show what constitutes good modern hospital architecture and what the forward-looking tendencies for health care buildings are, could be, and should be. In particular, quality of life is demanded for patients, staff and visitors. Hospital Architecture offers an informed selection of over 100 outstanding projects from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Using text, photos, drawings and floor plans, the book makes clear and comprehensible the function and importance that architecture will occupy in modern health care in the throes of upheaval.

352 pages
Publisher Braun Publishing
Salenstein 2007
ISBN-13 978-3938780268

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