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Health Care of the Future 2: On The Way To The Risk Culture (Health Care der Zukunft 2: Auf dem Weg zur Risikokultur)

Professor Christine Nickl-Weller (Ed.)
Benjamin Rämmler (Ed.) | V. Fernández de Santos (Ed.)

Entrepreneurial thinking has become established in healthcare. Consequently, risk tolerance is growing. A risk culture that requires openness toward the future and willingness to accept risk is part of corporate governance. Instead, it should be grasped, monitored and implemented in actions for risk avoidance – Thus, its entry into the system can offer new opportunities.

The present book documents the findings of the “Health Care der Zukunft – Auf dem Weg zur Risikokultur” (Health Care of the Future – On The Way To The Risk Culture) symposium that was organised by the Department of Hospital and Health Care Building Design at the Technical University in Berlin. Pioneering concepts are presented for the contribution that architecture, medicine, economics and sociology can make in a country where health represents the largest growth factor.

162 pages
Publisher Mwv Medizinisch Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft
Berlin 2009
ISBN-13 978-3939069621

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