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Creating Unique Human Habitats (Architektur für individuelle Lebensräume)

Prof. Christine Nickl-Weller | Prof. Hans Nickl
Nickl & Partner

Hans Nickl’s and Christine Nickl-Weller’s designs are tailored to human needs. As a result, the architects’ work follows a simple principle: promoting the users’ well-being, optimizing the functional interaction of flexible spatial structures, and creatively using a variety of materials. An internationally active firm, Nickl & Partner Architekten is among the leaders in designing clinics, medical facilities and research institutes. Moreover, the architects have been directing social housing and urban development projects for almost thirty years, for both private and public investors. This monograph is aimed at providing a complete overview of the company’s work.

336 pages
Publisher Braun Publishing
Salenstein 2009
ISBN-13 978-3037680162

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